Biomass-Based Nylon Polarized Lens

The Biomass-Based Polyamide (Nylon) is material features as renewable source, such as plant. Biomass based plastic is made from Plant as it does not impact on increase of carbon dioxide (Carbon Neutral) . It leads to low impact on climate change compared to traditional polymers delivered from crude oil.

Nylon is the one of the best materials for making sun lenses. The lenses made of this low specific gravity material are super light, which is suitable for high performance Fashion / Sports sunglasses. Also the high clarity comes from the high abbe helps you to provide functional sunglasses for the sports which are performed in the high speed, such as baseball, soccer, biking, tennis etc.


High Performance Sports Sunglass (Baseball, Biking, Tennis, Soccer etc) and Fashion Sunglass

Available Colors:

Gray, Brown


Biomass-Based Nylon Polarized Lens Spec.
Lens Size & Thickness 55mm x 75mm x 2.0mm(T)
Color Gray, Brown
Base Curve 4 base, 6 base, 8 base

Material Comparison

Material Comparison
Material Specific Gravity Abbe
Glass × 2.3-8 30-80
CR39 × 1.32 ◯ 56
Urethan based lens × 1.31 ◯ 42
PC △ 1.2 × 32
TAC bent × 1.3 ◯ 56
Nylon (Bio-based) ◯ 1.01 ◯ 49
NXT ◯ 1.11 ◯ 45