Eyewear News on the Web – Mar 2019

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Apple’s future AR smart glasses could help you find things in your house

Source: Malcolm Owen

Apple is working on an AR mapping app for an iPhone or smart glasses, with identification of not just distant locations, but also on a smaller scale, like a car dashboard or items in your house. Mapping and navigation systems are handy for many users in telling people where to go and how to get to their desired … for more detail click here.

Best Polarized Sunglasses For Men

Source: Forbes Finds

Sunglasses already make a strong fashion statement, but with recent jumps in technology, they’ve only gotten better looking with increased protection for you eyes. Gone are the days when sunglasses were just a pane of darkened glass. These days, you’ll find glasses with a range of cool filters and features — like … for more detail click here.

Nreal raises $16 million for lightweight mixed reality glasses


Nreal, a Beijing-based developer of ready-to-wear mixed reality glasses, has raised an additional $16 million in funding to make its 3-ounce smart glasses into a powerful and immersive experience. The money came from China Everbright Limited New Economy Fund, iQiyi, Shunwei Capital, and China Growth Capital. The latest … for more detail click here.

The Best Sunglasses for Every Outdoor Activity

Source: Tim Newcomb

Expect something a little different from the norm, as ROKA offers an aviator style for running. But this isn’t your gas station variety. Using an ultra-lightweight titanium frame and a patented grip for the nose, the Phantom comes durable, lightweight, and with a style that has worked on the road for triathlete Jesse … for more detail click here.

19 Best Sunglasses for Every Road or Trail


Decades of progression in cycling sunglasses means you can have all the latest features, which can work both on and off the bike. Performance eyewear is designed to integrate seamlessly into your ride; it should provide protection from UV rays and debris without you even realizing they’re there. High-performance sunglasses … for more detail click here.