Eyewear News on the Web – October 2020

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joe doucet’s fashionable face shield with integrated sunglasses launches for sale

Source: www.designboom.com

following the success of his proposal earlier in 2020 (see previous coverage here), joe doucet’s fashionable face shield has now launched for sale. the innovative ‘vue shield’ comes with integrated sunglass lenses and arm, which makes it more practical and less intrusive on the wearer than a typical face shield would. an essential protective tool against COVID-19 … for more detail click here.

Golfers trust these sunglasses to cut UVs and highlight greens on the course

Source: golf.com by NICK PIASTOWSKI

You have an uphill, left-to-right 20-footer that needs to go down or you’re on the hook for post-round drinks. You need to see the break, and the late-afternoon sun is not helping. Torch Eyewear sunglasses will. Torch offers a large selection of UV-protected lenses for all types of outdoor activities. Their violet-rose-based, emerald-mirrored golf lenses highlight specifically … for more detail click here.

Bose introduces three new pairs of Frames audio sunglasses for $249

Source: www.theverge.com by Chris Welch

Bose seems convinced that people really like sunglasses with integrated speakers: today, the company is introducing three new pairs of Frames that follow up on the first two sets it released in 2018. Two are fashion-forward — they’re called Tenor and Soprano — and the third set, Tempo, is much more sporty and specifically designed for outdoor use like biking, hiking, and running … for more detail click here.

12 Stylish Running Sunglasses That Will Actually Stay on Your Face

Source: www.self.com by Emilia Benton

Runners don’t need to carry many things—often just a watch, keys, and some hydration will cut it for outdoor runs—but on sunny days, running sunglasses can make a huge difference. They keep you from squinting when confronted with glaring sunlight and, even if it’s cooler or overcast, will protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful U.V. rays, which is especially important … for more detail click here.

Best mountain bike sunglasses 2020

Source: www.bikeradar.com by Oli Woodman

A decent set of sunglasses is an essential part of any mountain biker’s wardrobe, for a number of reasons. The most obvious is protection from bright sunlight to give you a clear view down the trail, with less glare, less squinting and less damage to your eyes from harmful UV rays. They also provide physical protection from flying trail debris, whether that be roost from … for more detail click here.