Eyewear News on the Web – October 2021

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The lenses in these sunglasses are made from captured CO2

Source: www.fastcompany.com BY ADELE PETERS

Clothing brand and material science company Pangaia exists in part to push forward sustainable innovation in the fashion industry, experimenting with products like vegan leather made from grapes, down jackets stuffed with wildflowers, and fabric made from food waste. Its newest product, a pair of limited-edition sunglasses, is … for more detail click here.

Nreal’s new AR sunglasses are made for binge watching TV

Source: www.theverge.com By Adi Robertson

Augmented reality company Nreal is launching a cheaper, iOS-compatible, more compact version of its smart glasses. The new Nreal Air glasses are supposed to ship starting in December 2021 across Japan, China, and South Korea. The price isn’t set, but Nreal says they’ll cost “a fraction of the price” of its earlier Nreal … for more detail click here.

Facebook’s New Camera Glasses Are Dangerously Easy to Use

Source: www.wired.com By Lauren Goode

FACEBOOK IS NOTORIOUS for borrowing ideas from other tech companies, then taking advantage of its massive global platform and its expertise in building sticky apps to bring those ideas into the mainstream. Some of Facebook’s most egregious lifts have been from Snap, née Snapchat, whose 24-hour disappearing stories and … for more detail click here.

This Gen-Z Sunglasses Brand Exploded 6,000% in a Year — and Celebrities Can’t Stop Wearing Them

Source: www.instyle.com By Laura Reilly

Make no mistake: The ubiquity of Lexxola sunglasses over the last six months is hardly a coincidence. A certain army of rounded-edge rectangular glasses with thick, glossy frames made its way across the interwebs this summer, seemingly a newfound fixture atop Gen Z dressers everywhere. Their inspiration? Only the dozen-plus … for more detail click here.

Ski Champ Bode Miller Teams Up With Revo for Two Pairs of High-Performance Sunglasses

Source: robbreport.com By TODD PLUMMER

Hit 1980s sunglasses brand Revo is continuing its reinvention tour—and this time in partnership with the world’s most famous skier. Founded in 1985, Revo started a craze with its mirrored lenses, derived from the same technology that NASA was using for sun protection on satellites. The glasses became synonymous with a … for more detail click here.