Eyewear News on the Web – January 2022

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Every pair of sunglasses in The Matrix movies, ranked

Source: www.polygon.com By K. Thor Jensen

The Matrix franchise is full of visual signifiers — lines of green text, black trench coats, colorful pills — but one of the most notable is the sunglasses that seemingly every major character wears. Designer Richard Walker at Blinde Design Project custom-crafted each style of eyewear for the movies’ leads, and every pair is different… for more detail click here.

TCL joins the race to create AR smart glasses, challenging Meta and possibly Apple

Source: www.cnet.com By Lisa Eadicicco

TCL, best known in the US for its value-priced TVs, is now looking to leap into lenses with a new smart glasses concept it announced ahead of CES 2022. The Chinese electronics maker joins tech giants like Facebook parent company Meta, Microsoft, Oppo, Snap and Apple in exploring the potential of augmented and virtual reality … for more detail click here.

6 Times Kiara Advani rocked the most OFFBEAT sunglasses

Source: www.pinkvilla.com By Manjusha Naik

Fashion should be fun and some of us take this way too seriously. In this process of how-to-look-glam at all times, we can’t guarantee a lot of hits and so if there’s a miss, we pick up new lessons and try to give it a fix. Some find an easy and a peppy way out to add more volume to a look, for instance, with an accessory. It’s … for more detail click here.

Block running obstacles with polarized sunglasses

Source: pennsylvanianewstoday.com By richardpatterson

Nathan Sports is a brand familiar to most runners, as running accessories and hydration products have been on the shelves of sporting goods stores for decades. The company recently entered the running apparel market and launched its first pair of sunglasses. As you would expect from Nathan, polarized running sunglasses focus on … for more detail click here.

Scicon Aerowing Lamon sunglasses review

Source: www.cyclist.co.uk By MARC ABBOTT

When I was a kid, I lusted after a particular snooker cue simply because it was endorsed by Steve Davis (ask your parents if you were born after 1974). My point being that big-name sportspeople sell products. However, even if Tadej Pogačar hadn’t won the 2021 Tour de France with a pair of Scicon Aerowing Lamon sunglasses on his … for more detail click here.