Eyewear News on the Web – July 2022

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9 Of The Best Sunglasses For Men To Shop In 2022

Source: www.forbes.com By Anneke Knot

Sunglasses are stylish yet functional, sharpening up your fashion look while also shielding your eyes from damaging UV rays. The best sunglasses are the ones you’ll actually wear: Anything that pinches the bridge of your … for more detail click here.

Sunglass Safety 101: How to pick the right pair of sunglasses for you

Source: www.news4jax.com By Ivanhoe Newswire

Summer is coming and that means more time outdoors and in the sun. But too much sunlight can wreak havoc on your eyes if you don’t protect them. It’s a scary fact, but 3.2 million people go blind every year due to prolonged UV … for more detail click here.


Source: www.nylon.com By PATRICIA FOX

A gift of sunglasses on Father’s Day is an investment in his eye health and can also offer a nod to his impeccable sense of style. “Many people underestimate the significant risk that the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can pose to their vision,” … for more detail click here.

Best smart sunglasses with tech to upgrade your eyewear game

Source: www.standard.co.uk By Stuart Pritchard

You might not realise this, hell, you might not even realise that you don’t realise this, but there is a colossal, gaping void in your life. A void, an abyss, a chasm – call it what you will, it is unquestionably there, yawning epically before … for more detail click here.

These Iconic 90s Sunglasses Are Back for Summer

Source: www.harpersbazaar.com By THE EDITORS

You don’t have to follow the trends or be versed in sartorial history to see that 1990s style is influencing today’s looks in a big way. From slouchy denim and spaghetti straps to bucket hats and minimalist sunglasses, everything we loved … for more detail click here.

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