Eyewear News on the Web – September 2022

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Everyone Should Wear Absolutely Huge Sunglasses

Source: www.thecut.com By Mia Mercado

All fashion should make you say, “Hmm, seems stupid. I love it.” Sunglasses most of all. The oversize eyewear of the late aughts and early 2010s got a bad rap. It was the Rachel Zoe–to–Paris Hilton continuum … for more detail click here.

Timothée Chalamet’s Cat-Eye Sunglasses Can Now Be Yours

Source: www.gq.com By AVIDAN GROSSMAN

Historically speaking, the Venice Film Festival offers little in the way of shoppable moments. The menswear on display in La Serenissima right now is a lot like the flicks the whole rigmarole serves to promote: best appreciated … for more detail click here.

Why Don’t You Buy … a Pair of Sporty Sunglasses?

Source: www.harpersbazaar.com By SHELBY YING HYDE

Once reserved for the spinning racks inside your local gas station or convenience store, sporty sunglasses are having a major moment. Ignited by the industry’s never-ending fascination with biker fashion, the sleek … for more detail click here.

Sync Your Apple Watch to Your Connected Sunglasses

Source: www.gearpatrol.com By BEN EMMINGER

Runners know the benefit of tracking data. Performance metrics can give a great gauge on how to manage your pace, heart rate and stride, especially when tackling longer treks. The Apple Watch is still one of the … for more detail click here.

Will Smart Glasses Replace Smartphones In The Metaverse?

Source: www.forbes.com By Bernard Marr

The metaverse – everyone has different ideas about what exactly it is, but what most agree on is it’s the “next level” of the internet. More immersive than the current flat, 2D web, and more connected than current social … for more detail click here.