Eyewear News on the Web – April 2023

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New smart glasses use sonar to read your lips

Source: freethink.com By B. David Zarley

Cornell researchers have created a new kind of wearable device that can read your lips, even if you’re not speaking aloud — and even though it doesn’t have a camera. Equipped with sonar and AI, this pair of fairly normal … for more detail click here.

Innovative Eyewear, Inc. Launches The First ChatGPT Enabled Smart Eyewear

Source: prnewswire.com By Innovative Eyewear, Inc.

Innovative Eyewear, Inc., the developer and retailer of smart eyewear under the Lucyd®, Nautica®, and Eddie Bauer® brands, announces today that it has launched a new iOS/Android app called Lucyd. The Lucyd app enables a … for more detail click here.

Lucyd Lyte smart eyewear review – Glasses with built-in audio features

Source: the-gadgeteer.com By Lynn Lopez

Lucyd Lyte smart eyewear are sunglasses that can come in prescription or nonprescription. They also say they can do any tint you want on any of the styles of sunglasses. They also come with Bluetooth and can pair with your … for more detail click here.

The Best Sunglasses for Women of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

Source: tripsavvy.com By JESSICA MACDONALD

When shopping for your next pair of sunnies, there are many factors to consider. Which shape is the most flattering for your features? Do you prefer a metal or acetate frame? Do you need polarization? If you love outdoor sports … for more detail click here.

Sunglass Hut Taps Dua Saleh to Style Hypebeast Curated Selection of Sunglasses

Source: hypebeast.com By Staff

Sunglass Hut tapped musician, poet and actor Dua Saleh to put their own fashion twist on the brand’s latest range of eyewear. Sunglass Hut worked in partnership with Hypebeast to develop the all-new HYPEBEAST Curated Selection, a … for more detail click here.