Eyewear News on the Web – October 2023

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The Best Winter Sunglasses of 2024

Source: www.outsideonline.com by Megan Michelson

Eyewear nerds will tell you there’s no quiver-killer when it comes to shades. Almost all of the pairs we tested this winter came close, however, balancing good looks with sharp optics, protection, and durability … for more detail click here.

Introducing the New Ray-Ban | Meta Smart Glasses

Source: about.fb.com By Meta

The dopamine accessory trend is fun in doses, but we can all agree that wearing several bright colors at once can get a little old after a while. For this reason, we don’t recommend splurging on colorful sunglasses. You’ll … for more detail click here.

Fashion meets function with the newest Alexa-powered smart glasses that blend seamlessly into your daily life

Source: www.aboutamazon.com By Amazon Staff

When we launched Echo Frames, our first pair of smart glasses with Alexa, it fit naturally with our vision for ambient technology on the go—technology that allows customers to stay connected but blends seamlessly … for more detail click here.

Smart Sunglasses: More than just a fashion statement

Source: www.wfla.com By Brody Wooddell

Tampa (BLOOM) – Ah, sunglasses. They’ve been around for ages, right? Slap on a pair, and instantly you’ve got that effortlessly cool vibe. But what if your shades could do more than just protect your eyes or make … for more detail click here.

Magicshine Windbreaker Polarized Sunglasses review

Source: www.bikeradar.com By Tom Marvin

The lens itself gives the glasses their structure, but means there’s no way of swapping between different tints. The arms clamp on to the edge of the lens and are curved in form. Over the ears is a split-arm design, with … for more detail click here.