Eyewear News on the Web – January 2024

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Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses [Review]

Source: gstylemag.com by Jason Million

Back in 2021 there was an influx of “smart glasses” from the likes of Ray Ban, Bose, and even Anker that would incorporate features such as notifications and music to blend into your everyday life. While it seems … for more detail click here.

Pins, Monocles and Sunglasses: The Rise of AI-Focused Hardware

Source: www.bloomberg.com By Shirin Ghaffary

At CES in Las Vegas last week, the big talker wasn’t a new smartphone or tablet, but rather a colorful pocket gadget with a design inspired by Tamagotchi, the virtual pet from the 90s. Rabbit’s r1 device ($199) is intended … for more detail click here.

Kolari Shades Put Ultra-Sharp ND Lens Filter Glass in Front of Your Eyes

Source: petapixel.com By JEREMY GRAY

Kolari, the company behind acclaimed photography filters and camera conversion services, has taken its filter technology into eyewear, launching a pair of stylish new sunglasses. Kolari Shades promise to be the “world’s sharpest … for more detail click here.

The Best Sunglasses for Skiing and Snowboarding of 2024

Source: www.theinertia.com By Will Sileo

Eye protection is vital when out on the slopes. UV rays, snow glare, ice chips, and more provide plenty of potential dangers for what’s arguably your most important pair of sensory organs. When it comes to protecting your eyes … for more detail click here.

The Best Sunglasses Brands To Know In 2024

Source: www.elle.com By ABIGAIL SOUTHAN

It’s about time we created an edit of the best sunglasses brands. Much like handbags and shoes, eyewear isn’t simply divided into ‘high street’ and ‘high luxury’ anymore – there are so many shades (sorry) in between … for more detail click here.