Polycarbonate Injection Molded Polarized Lenses

These polarized lenses are manufactured using an injection molding process. In addition to the other benefits of the polycarbonate lenses such as light weight and high impact resistance, we can eliminate distortion by using this process.

Also our high quality polarizing films in the lenses filter the waves of light by absorbing the reflected glare. It showed 99% of the polarizing efficiency at our performance test. Injection Molded lenses are ideal for the middle to high end collections of the sports and fashion sunglasses.

Color availability : GS(Gray Smoke), BBW(Brown) and DR(Driver)
*Additional coatings such as mirror coat, AR coat are also available.

YS America Injection Molded Polarized Polycarbonate Plano Lens

Product Dimension

Lens Diameter/Polarized Part Size (mm)
Curve Lens Diameter Polarized Part
6R Φ76 Y Direction 55
8R Φ76 Y Direction 55
Curve Value (R)
Base Curve X Direction Y Direction
6R 6.0±0.3 6.0±0.3
8R 7.8±0.3 7.8±0.3
Lens Thickness (Optical Center) (mm)
6R 2.1±0.1
8R* 2.2±0.1

Thickness measure: Mitsutoyo Dial Thickness Gage
* 8R is Decentered, as thickness slightly changes

Optical Center (mm)
Base Curve Optical Center
6R Φ8.0mm within the center of the lens geometric center
8R Φ8.0mm within X-axis 22.85mm from lens geometric center

Measure: Topcon CL-100 Mitsutoyo Three-dimensional measuring device AE112



Items Method Standard
Adhesion Cross cut No peeling in 1-3 times
Potential Slide Own method Within 27°

*1:Tape peel test by 1mm grid, 100 cell
*2:Back and forth 30 times by #0000 steel wool with 600g weight and check the damage
*3:put Sand Paper#1600 with 10g weight and tilt till weight is start to move.

Cosmetic Appearance: Standard Lens dimention

Area Standard
A OK with up to a 0.3mm foreign material
B OK with up to a 0.4mm foreign material
C Non standard

*For judgement, please refer to Failure limit sample

Polycarbonate Injection Molded Polarized Lens - Specification 02

6R Lens Cosmetic:
A: Circle of φ30mm inside of lens geometric center
B: 3mm inside from the lens vertical edge of polarizedarea
Ellipse area, 5mm inside of lens lateral direction

8R Lens Cosmetic:
A: 5mm inside of edge of Lens geometric center, areaof Φ30mm of inner circle
B: 3mm inside from the lens vertical edge of polarizedarea
Ellipse area, 5mm inside of lens lateral direction

Proposition 65

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains less than 0.01% of chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.