PVA Polarized Flat Film

Our polarized films are made from the optical grade PVA (polyvinyl Alcohol) sheet and suitable for manufacturing polarized lenses or even for manufacturing polarized filter for single-lens reflex cameras.

We have high polarization films, heat resistance polarized films, high transmittance polarized films and others. We have more than 10 standard colors and also develop the colors upon the requests from the customers.

The standard size is 250mm width and 200M long, however we can be flexible for the size, so please contact us if you are looking for specific size of the film rolls.


Protective film Polyolefin
Polarizing film PVA
Protective film Polyolefin
Dimensions (thickness) Polarizing film: 0.040 ± 0.005㎜
Protective film: 0.050 ± 0.005㎜


Roll length 100m, 200m, 200ft, 400ft and etc.
Width 250㎜, 262㎜, 345㎜
Bobbin size 3″, 6″
PVA Polarized Flat Film Roll Size


Code TL Polarizing Efficiency Color Value
B-15 15% 99% 0.42% 0.399%
B-30 30% 99% 0.358% 0.360%
G-15 15% 99% 0.295% 0.34%
G-30 30% 99% 0.314% 0.318%

*Color data is based on flat film
*Color matching or development is available upon requests