Eyewear News on the Web – June 2019

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Bose Frames smart-glasses now available in the UAE

Source: esquireme.com

Bose announced its first pair of smartglasses in early April, but has wasted no time in bringing them to our sandy shores. The smart Frames include speakers in the arms of the sunglasses, that will wirelessly pair with your smartphone. One paired via Bluetooth, the shades will then be able to play music and interact … for more detail click here.

IoT Applications in Eyewear

Source: iotforall.com by Shahrzad Darafsheh

With smart eyeglasses, staying updated would be as easy as focusing your eyes in a different focal point and then reverting back to where you were. There are many smart eyeglasses out there, but Vuzix, Vaunt, Focals by North and Vue stand out. Ever wonder what it would be like to live without having to check your … for more detail click here.

HKT Products Announces New Partnership with Red Bull SPECT Eyewear

Source: pinkbike.com by HKT Products Ltd

The iconic Red Bull partner with Eyewear Specialists SPECT to bring a range of market leading eyewear and goggles for all sports. HKT Products are extremely excited to announce their new partnership with Red Bull SPECT eyewear. In 2016, eyewear brand SPECT (part of the Austrian based Michael Pachleitner Group) and … for more detail click here.

Top 3 Best Smart Glasses in 2019

Source: techzimo.com by Techzimo
Wise glasses with higher level features such as Augmented Reality (AR) are undoubtedly cool, but they are also quite expensive. TechKen may have the pair for you if you’d like something cheap.TechKen are like a couple of shades, albeit with some smart features. They have a stereo headset and every one of the ear … for more detail click here.

Google Glass is Back and Ready for Business

Source: uctoday.com by REBEKAH CARTER

When Google Glass first emerged in 2014, customers weren’t ready for virtual reality headsets – particularly when they were hideous to look at. However, Google didn’t give up on the smart glasses completely. Instead, they just took them back to the drawing board. Recently, Google announced a brand-new and updated … for more detail click here.