Eyewear News on the Web – July 2019

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Take A Closer Look at AMBUSH’s Gentle Monster Sunglasses Collaboration

Source: hypebeast.com by Eric Brain

AMBUSH and Gentle Monster have teamed up for the release of a pair of sunglasses dropping in three translucent colorways. Each pair is equipped with silver-toned zip-tie hardware designed by Yoon Ahn, a staple AMBUSH touch which first released in 2016, as well as a dual-branded glasses chain. The collaborative … for more detail click here.

These $69 Sunglasses Hide Miniature Speakers Inside Their Frames

Source: www.forbes.com by Ben Sin

If there’s one thing we can count on with Shenzhen start-ups, it’s that they’ll give us alternatives to existing gadgets at a much cheaper price. A few months after audio product maker Bose released a pair of $200 sunglasses that discretely play music to the wearer’s ears, a company named Mutrics has released … for more detail click here.

Does the World Need $4,500 Sunglasses?

Source: www.businessoffashion.com by ALEXANDRA MONDALEK

NEW YORK, United States — The explosion of the global luxury market over the last decade has rewarded its top players handsomely — the margins on a $1,500 T-shirt or a $170 paperclip can be quite generous. But the growth in the market raises a question about what it means for an item to be luxury: Is it exclusive? … for more detail click here.

Can Biometric Wearable Tech Make Driving a Car Safer?

Source: www.govtech.com by DALE DENWALT, THE OKLAHOMAN

(TNS) — An Oklahoma City-based startup hopes its wearable tech will be used to improve safety in the transportation industry. BlyncSync’s products include eyewear that can monitor a driver’s eyes for signs of fatigue, distraction and other deadly roadway conditions. The key component is the company’s smart safety … for more detail click here.

SWORD™ Selects ‘Vuzix Blade’ for Smart Glasses Threat Detect Rollout

Source: uctoday.com by Tammy Waitt

Eight time record-breaking 2018 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Award Winner Royal Holdings, has selected Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses as the smart glasses rollout hardware for SWORD™, a mobile based security solution providing an IoT level of situational awareness, detection and recognition. SWORD™ is the world’s first … for more detail click here.