Eyewear News on the Web – December 2020

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The Best Sunglasses For 2021

Source: forbes.com By Joseph DeAcetis

Let’s face it, sunglasses can truly transform a man into the ultimate status of “cool.” In fact, there aren’t too many men’s accessories that can elevate appearance like a killer pair of shades! More to the point, not only will a top-tier pair of shades have you exuding confidence. but rather, will prepare you to tackle the trials and tribulations … for more detail click here.

How to Save your Sunglasses

Source: sailingworld.com by David Powlison

The first full weekend in March, life was about as good as it can get for Stanford senior Jacob Rosenberg—a regional collegiate-team race-regatta victory in his rearview mirror, his coursework finished with a semester to spare, the spring college sailing season just ahead, and plans for a unique business opportunity incubating, one that sells high-quality … for more detail click here.

5 Obvious reasons to wear sunglasses in winter to protect your eyes

Source: pinkvilla.com by Deblina Chatterjee

During the summer season, sunglasses are a must-have to protect the skin around our eyes. Harmful UV rays can also damage that part of the skin making it look dull. But what about the winter season? Yes, you need to wear sunglasses in winter as well. Because UV rays are present in this time of the year also which affect your eyes. As a result, you may get dark … for more detail click here.

Tech Podcast: The great Zinn sunglasses test!

Source: velonews.com by DAN CAVALLARI

VeloNews’ resident tech guru, Lennard Zinn, recently rounded up a long list of the most popular sunglasses on the market today to test them for clarity. While conducting the test, Zinn came to a few conclusions about the importance of UV protection, the necessity (or lack thereof) of polarization, and what factors ultimately affect the clarity of a pair of sunglasses … for more detail click here.

Finder Green Fave: Szade recycled sunglasses

Source: finder.com.au by Marina Tatas

I’m sure we’ve all been there – either losing or breaking a pair of sunglasses and needing new ones, or caving in and spoiling yourself with a new pair. An item that has quickly turned into a fashion statement, it’s clear that sunglasses cause some sort of waste in the fashion product cycle. That’s where Szade comes in. This Australian brand is hard at work … for more detail click here.