Eyewear News on the Web – January 2021

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TCL Wearable Display puts a 1080p OLED display in your sunglasses

Source: www.slashgear.com By Chris Davies

TCL plans to launch the TCL Wearable Display this year, a high-tech pair of sunglasses that also work as a virtual TV for private viewing. The company – better known for its full-sized TVs and its range of smartphones – previewed the idea at CES last year with Project Archery, though now the concept is graduating to a full commercial product. Unlike smart glasses which promise to blend the real world with the digital … for more detail click here.

YNIQ Eyewear Selects the Vail Valley as Its North American Home, Names Progression Brands Group as Operating Partner

Source: Progression Brands Group

Yniq Eyewear (Spoxury TR Group AB) announces that it has selected the Vail Valley as its North American home and Progression Brands Group (PBG) as its North American Operating Partner. Yniq’s decision to partner with PBG and call the Vail Valley home comes at a time when being close to the retailer and consumer is most important. In its capacity as North American … for more detail click here.

Apple’s ‘AR Glasses Prototype’ Has Just Entered Phase Two

Source: www.idropnews.com by Jesse Hollington

One of Apple’s most-anticipated projects of the past few years may be inching closer to a release this year, with a new supply chain report that a final “AR glasses prototype” has just passed another hurdle on its way to becoming a reality. According to DigiTimes (via MacRumors) the prototype for Apple’s augmented reality glasses is about to enter the … for more detail click here.

Lucyd Introduces Lyte Bluetooth E-glasses, an Evolved Wearable Emerging from the 700 Year History of Eyewear.

Source: Lucyd Eyewear

Lucyd®, the smart eyewear and wearable software developer, is proud to introduce the Lucyd Lyte™. The Lyte is tech-enhanced eyewear on par with designer, lightweight, fashion frames. The Lyte represents both the pinnacle of form factor for tech glasses and a technology evolution in the miniaturization of components. The e-glasses enable wearers to seamlessly … for more detail click here.

Lenovo Smart Glasses Project 5 Virtual Displays at Once

Source: www.pcmag.com by Stephanie Mlot

Lenovo kicked off CES 2021 with its ThinkReality A3 smart glasses—”one of the most advanced and versatile enterprise smart glasses to come to market,” the company boasted. Introduced at a time when businesses around the world are “looking to adopt new technologies for smart collaboration,” the high-tech specs aim to “transform work” with features like 3D visualization … for more detail click here.