Eyewear News on the Web – April 2021

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Best audio glasses and sunglasses for 2021

Source: cnet.com By David Carnoy

Eyewear with built-in audio is proliferating, with Bose and Amazon leading the way. So what are the best audio glasses out there? Audio glasses, which have integrated micro speakers and a Bluetooth connection, are proliferating. Bose is leading the way with its Frames audio sunglasses. Amazon is also in the game with its Echo Frames, now on … for more detail click here.

The 13 Best Women’s Sunglasses For Spring, From Aviator To Cat-Eye

Source: forbes.com By Nicola Fumo

Oakley has launched an all-new programme that allows customers to customise their sunglasses with, according to the brand, over 40-million different combinations to choose from. Depending on the exact model of sunglasses, you can customise the colour and specifications of a number of different components. Taking the iconic Jawbreaker as an example, you can … for more detail click here.


Source: theverge.com By Chris Welch

It’sIt’s still fair to call audio sunglasses a niche category, but with Bose offering several models, Amazon in the game, and counting recent announcements from Razer and JLab, it’s certainly a growing one. There are people out there who just aren’t particularly fond of earbuds — often because they dislike the feeling of silicone tips plugging up their … for more detail click here.

Huge ’70s Sunglasses are Back

Source: lofficielusa.com By Alice Cavallo

In the ’60s and ’70s, stylish women didn’t dare leave their homes without a pair of oversized, statement sunglasses. Just think back to Gloria Steinem’s signature look. This season, many fashion designers gave this timeless and beloved eyewear silhouette the update we never knew we needed, embracing the ’70s with retro-inspired shades like Gucci’s … for more detail click here.

Gadgets: Smart tech glasses

Source: telegraphherald.com By GREGG ELLMAN

Smart tech glasses have been around for a few years. Many of us know they exist but don’t know a lot about them. So before agreeing to test Italian-made Fauna audio glasses, I did something I rarely do before receiving a product: I read about them. I know what glasses are, and I know what smart glasses are. But there are different kinds that produce … for more detail click here.