Eyewear News on the Web – May 2021

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High-tech contact lenses are straight out of science fiction — and may replace smart phones

Source: theconversation.com

Contact lenses are the result of an accidental discovery made during the Second World War. Ophthalmologist Harold Ridley noticed that despite acrylic plastic shrapnel shards becoming embedded in the eyes of fighter pilots, it did not appear to cause any harm. This finding eventually led to the creation of hard intraocular lenses for the … for more detail click here.

Best Bluetooth audio glasses and sunglasses for 2021

Source: cnet.com By David Carnoy

Audio glasses, which have integrated micro-speakers and a Bluetooth connection, are proliferating. Bose is leading the way with its Frames audio sunglasses. Amazon is also in the game with its Echo Frames, now on their second generation. A host of other companies, many of which are no-name Chinese manufacturers, have released audio glasses in recent months … for more detail click here.

Polarized sunglasses: Best options

Source: medicalnewstoday.com By Jenna Stoddard, OD

Polarized sunglasses contain lenses that reduce glare from surfaces such as water, snow, and the road. This type of glasses can therefore protect the eyes from UV light. Several online retailers offer customizable options. Polarized sunglasses contain a special lens that filters out horizontal light waves and minimizes glare on horizontal surfaces, such … for more detail click here.

These High-End ‘No Time To Die’ James Bond Sunglasses Are For Your Eyes Only

Source: fatherly.com By Ryan Britt

After a wait of nearly a year and a half, Daniel Craig’s final James Bond movie, No Time To Die, will hit theaters on October 8, 2021. For those who have been streaming old-school Bond movies during COVID, or thinking about the good old days of GoldenEye on N64, there’s almost no way this specific Bond movie can meet our hopes or expectations. In the … for more detail click here.

I’ve Seen These 3 Sunglasses Trends on Almost Every Fashion Person

Source: yahoo.com By Nayiri Mampourian

Picture this: It’s sunny out. You’re at the beach or on your rooftop or maybe in the desert hanging out by the pool. There’s ice clinking in your drink and music playing in the background… You’ve made it. It’s summer 2021. I can promise you that wherever you are, you have a pair of sunglasses on. So if you happen to be in the market for some new shades … for more detail click here.